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What We Do

Novo’s innovative business model can be broken down into three simple steps:

We furnish each unit to the highest possible standard with our experienced interior design team.

We take all the building operations from your hands and into ours.

We stage all common areas to create communal, Novo-branded spaces for guests to interact.

Owner Benefits

Higher Returns

Achieve min 30% higher returns.

ADR and RevPAU.

Reduced Turnover

Because members stay with us on average 89 days – and only four staying a full year – you’ll see lower turnover and less improvements needed per unit.

Time Saving

We provide 24/7 support and concierge access for all members so you don’t have to deal with the broken faucet at 4AM.

Low Risk

Due to our extensive list of corporate partnerships and a highly-qualified bi-coastal marketing and booking team in place, we have a huge waitlist!

Verified Members

We perform strict financial and social background checks to ensure our members are both reliable and credit-worthy. Cha-ching.

Branded Property

Give your building an identity that guests can relate to by joining the fast-growing Novo brand.

The End Result

Is a Novo apartment building that now gives you legal access to the lucrative house sharing economy, albeit one that abides by city laws and regulations not found with companies like AirBnb.

Backed by corporate partners and an expert marketing team, we take the legwork off your plate by booking units with credit-worthy, verified members. We partner with owners, real estate developers and investors to operate their properties – handling everything from onboarding, design, marketing, booking and overall experience on behalf of our members. 


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