Up until today, let’s say for the past 16 years, my dates with the city came to an end each evening that we met. Never did the city invite me to spend the night, unpack my bags, and wake-up in the morning with the satisfied feeling of, “this could be it”. Of course I could book a hotel or an Airbnb for a night, a week, or longer, but that option did not seem sensible for two reasons: 1) My parents live in Queens, a mere 30-40 minute subway commute; 2) those hospitality options still do not provide the exclusive feeling of having an apartment to call home in Manhattan; the sentiment that I have longed for. My problem with Airbnb is that although it can be considered an ‘unhotel’ because it alleviates aspects of possible concern, for example a cleaning person entering your space in the morning and feeling the need to ‘hide’ any valuables in a safe; to me, Airbnb rentals evoke the feeling that you are a house-sitter. I say this because often, closet space, storage areas and drawers, are sealed off with the belongings of the person whom you are renting from. In my experience with Airbnb, I find that you are given less space than what you expect to get from the pictures.

I have wandered up and down the streets in neighborhoods such as the Lower East Side, Chelsea, and the Upper East Side; I have found myself staring at brownstone apartments on the west side near Central Park imagining a life like those that I have seen in TV shows and movies; and yet, all of my daydreaming and fantasies would become faded images as I would walk down the steps that lead into the subway station to commute back home. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the subway but, there is nothing like waking up in the morning and being in the city (at least, this has been my belief).

Today, like other relationships with a significant other or in my case- New York City, we experienced a turning point in our affair.


Yes, that is my silhouette mirrored in the door and yes, this is the entrance to my apartment; the day has finally arrived. Every moment leading up to the present reinforced for me the notion that everything happens for a reason. I could be anywhere else in the world but I was standing on 25th street between third and second avenue; this is where I was meant to feed my insatiable appetite for living in the moment in a New York City minute.

My rush of overflowing emotions comes with thanks to StayNovo, a boutique furnished housing provider that offers what you want from Airbnb (as opposed to a hotel), and what you don’t get from Airbnb: quite literally, a space of your own to call home and without the worry of furniture and appliance shopping. To be clear, StayNovo is geared toward those who are interested in an extended-stay residence; for me, I find trouble in committing to just about anything so the option to book an affordable and fully-serviced apartment is just what a woman like me needs.

More than having a one-bedroom apartment to myself in the chic Gramercy neighborhood for the next month (and who knows, maybe longer!), I would now be part of a league of its own: Novo Nomads. Nomad is simply a nickname given to StayNovo’s guests, but it represents more than just an ‘apartment renter’. StayNovo stands ​​by a belief that individuals with common interests who are looking to nurture a curiosity in exploration and quench their thirst for a lifestyle in the renowned ‘city that never sleeps’ should be able to connect, network, and have meaningful experiences together. This is StayNovo’s ideal: to bring together the Nomads like you and me; to build relationships, to inspire, and to provide the space where we can feel motivated to impact others as well as ourselves during a stay in one of its apartments.

Or simply, to relax and embrace that ‘feet up on the table’ at home feeling.