There are two truths that presently are undeniable: 1) The sudden influx of bloggers and ‘foodies’ for social media fame means that a waiter can bet on the fact that throughout his or her shift, patrons will snap a picture of the dish the moment that it is set on the table; and 2) you are probably blushing or smirking because you are guilty of putting your entrée through a photoshoot before tasting it.

From New York Fashion Week to Restaurant Week, the city has now commenced its famed semiannual promotion in…:drumroll:…EATING.

The winter edition Jan.23-Feb.10th (yes, it is longer than a week) of this event for foodies can be quite challenging. First, you need to pick a restaurant from the more than 300 participating establishments, and let’s face it, picking where to eat in New York City on a ‘normal’ night can be just as much of a struggle as selecting which selfies to upload on your dating-apps. If you choose to eat at the restaurant where the decor is like a gateway to the Mediterranean with flavorful seafood dishes in a glass-walled setting with florals encompassing the space, would you be missing out on the trendy dive-like taqueria that features a hard-to-access underground dining grotto? But, as is often the case with abundant choices and the anxiety it incites: if you can narrow down the pool from which to pick, you can suppress the panic that comes with it. And if you can conquer such a feat, you can make a decision based not on exaggeration but rather, on merit.

As my friends in our group-chat are sending more food emojis than actual texts implying their input on where we should wine-and-dine, I am distracted by my stomach which is grumbling louder than the hustle-and-flow of New York City passer-by outside my window. Knowing that my eating choices in the city are about as limitless as my cravings; and by the gallery of emojis displayed on my text-screen; it is certain that you can find a cuisine from just about anywhere in the world.

So, if you’re like me- chatting with indecisive friends and need to step up to the plate with an executive decision on either Italian, Mexican, French, or Malaysian to name a few, look no further because here is the 4-1-1 on Restaurant Week.

Plan to schedule your experience at one (or many) of the participating fine dining restaurants for lunch

or dinner; and during the week as most (not all) do not offer their specially priced prix-fixe menus on Saturday and Sunday. The typical selection on a prix-fixe menu offers a minimum of three choices for appetizers, three choices for entrées, and at least two desserts. There’s more. Many restaurants additionally offer drink specials; and some display à la carte options which may come at an added cost. Prices for the prix-fixe menu range from around $25-$50 (lunch or dinner) which, if you’re a NYC foodie, you can agree that it’s a pretty sweet deal any way you slice it. And a personal word of advice- tip your server based on the usual price of the meal, not the Restaurant Week deal, especially if you’ve had good service.

Do I need a reservation, you ask? It is highly recommended however, the Restaurant Week menu is offered to all guests, including walk-ins.

To find out more on where to unleash your inner-foodie.