We wish everyday was Taco Tuesday… Now it can be from the comfort of your own home! Not to mention the weather isn’t that great out today. We found some of the best taco spots New York City has to offer, and deliver right from Seamless. We broke it down by neighborhood, so scroll down to find your new favorite Taco spot.

Upper East Side (Novo417)


1. Blockheads

Blockheads covers all the basics, and then some. They serve some of the best San Francisco styled Mexican food. With Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas and some of the best margaritas in town, this is definitely the spot if you are looking for consistency. They even offer a brunch menu on the weekends!

You can order from Blockheads here.


2. Cascabel Taqueria

In 2009, DAVID CHIONG and ELIZABETH GAUDREAU opened a tiny, funky, downtown casual taqueria on the Upper East Side with a surprisingly sophisticated take on comida Mexicana. Cascabel Taquería is what happens when a restaurateur and an interior designer get together to bring Mexican street food to New York City to serve delicious tacos and more. The top quality and local ingredients, innovative cocktails, and energized atmosphere made them out grow their tiny restaurant.

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Murray Hill (Novo151)


1. Baby Bo’s

Baby Bo’s is a well established Mexican Restaurant and Bar serving Murray Hill for over 25 years. The focus is on serving delicious food and amazing drinks at a great price. The atmosphere is eclectic and cozy. The menu offers Dinner and nightly specials, Lunch specials Monday through Friday, and Brunch on Saturday and Sunday. They also offer free delivery.

Order from Baby Bo’s here. (Use the code ORDERBABYBO10 for a 10% discount)

Chelsea (Novo205)


1. Mole’

For almost 25 years, Mole has striven to create delicious authentic Mexican dishes with history and unique flavors to bring to you Mexico in a dish! Mole offers Dinner, Lunch, Brunch, Almuerzos Mexicanos and Happy Hour Menus to satisfy any palate. In addition to authentic Mexican food, Mole’s chefs cook burritos, flautas, chimichangas, enchiladas and other popular Tex-Mex dishes in the traditional fashion. Guacamole is always made fresh to order!

Order from Mole’s here.


2. La Loteria

A new take on authentic Mexican cuisine from Executive Chef/Owner Julieta Ballesteros (Crema, Los Feliz) and Managing Partner/Owner Jaime Herrera. Not unlike the game, Mexican cuisine is unique, varied and steeped in tradition. With the cultural touchstone of La Lotería at its core, the restaurant will introduce to New York’s sophisticated palate an exciting and surprising mix of Mexican recipes, ranging from the deliciously elemental “street” taco, to the scallops with Mexican black truffle.

Order from La Loteria here.

Williamsburg (Novo40)


1. Cantina Royal

Cantina Royal serves up Executive CHef’s Julio MM’s unique vision of Mexican Cuisine. Inspored by traditional Cantinas in Mexico City, this simple yet bold food is made only with the freshest ingredients and an artist’s touch. The complex and well-balanced flavor combinations are reflected in the eclectic industrial yet cozy design of the restaurant and bar. Owned by Mexicans, run by Mexicans, and cooked by Mexicans.

Order from Cantina Royal here.


2. Friducha Mexican

The Frida-Kahlo-themed Mexican restaurant overtook the old La Taverna space at 946 Manhattan Ave (at the corner of Java St). A quick look at their menu reveals common Mexican dishes of tacos, burritos, fajitas, nachos, and enchiladas. The Brooklyn-based El Salvadorean owners are inspired by Kahlo leading to using Diego Rivera’s nickname for her.

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Cobble Hill (Novo217)


1. Fatty Daddy Taco

Fatty Daddy clearly means business. The cooking is well-executed street food that went indoors but still caters to those on the go. (Look no further than the aluminum takeout containers stacked right up to the dropped ceiling.) As for the food, the soft-shell tacos are terrific (especially the grilled fish), the quesadillas are substantial meals and not appetizers, and the burritos are as heavy as adobe bricks.

Order from Fatty Daddy here.


2. Oaxaca Taqueria

OAXACA is a city in Mexico well-known for its exceptional food. At Oaxaca Taqueria, they are dedicated to bringing you traditional Mexican fare inspired by the flavors and ingredients of Oaxaca. Their food is made fresh from scratch every day. Whenever possible, they purchase our ingredients from local, organic and sustainable sources. Please enjoy a little taste of Mexico.

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