Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, whether you’re backpacking across Europe, globe-trotting as a digital nomad, or just taking time on vacation to lounge; we all enjoy the freedom of being on the open-road. However, trips don’t always go as planned. For that time you took a red-eye and couldn’t sleep a wink, or the time you arrived at your hostel and discovered they didn’t offer towels, or maybe that one time your phone died right in the middle of navigating through a new country, we’ve compiled the best travel accessories to help avoid all your travel woes—without breaking the bank.

Seasoned travelers will know the importance of a good sleep mask. Whether you’re trying to snooze through a 15-hour flight or just need a power nap in the middle of the day; sleep masks are essential when you’re constantly changing time zones. This Bucky eye mask is customized to fit women, men, and children and it’s designed for pressure-free eye-comfort, so you can catch some z’s at any time of the day.

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If you plan on hostel hopping along your journey, ear plugs are a necessity to shut out noise from your fellow travelers. Check out these ear plugs from Snail Sound that cancel out noise so you can have a soundless sleep wherever you are.

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With major cities comes the major threat of pickpockets—so it’s important to keep your documents safe as you move around the world. Having a concealable, comfortable wallet to hide your belongings is crucial. This neck wallet comes equipped with RFID-blocking technology to protect you against electronic pickpockets, so not only is your cash and plastic safe, but your identity will be too. Shop it here!

Keeping your clothes organized while on the go is not always easy, but with compression packing cubes, you’re clothing not only stays in place, it takes up less space! These cubes offer wrinkle-free packing with mesh fabric so you can see what’s inside without having to unpack everything first. It’s also a convenient way to keep clean clothes separate from your dirty laundry. Shop it here!

Traveling around the globe? No problem. This color-coded travel adapter works in 150 countries and snaps together like puzzle pieces. Each color corresponds to a specific part of the world, so you can easily decipher which piece of the puzzle to plug in. Shop it here!

Remember when your phone died in Morocco while trying to get back to your hotel? Getting around in a foreign country sans phone can make anyone feel helpless or vulnerable. Luckily, this Apple-certified keychain charger is convenient and easy-to-use on the go, so you can charge your phone and sync your devices wherever you may be. Shop it here!

The safety of your possessions is always a concern when going from place to place. With the most durable technology and a lifetime warranty, this TSA-approved luggage lock can help put your mind at ease when hopping from country to country.  Shop it here!

If you plan on staying at hostels, carrying your own towels is an easy way to avoid extra fees while on the go—not to mention sanitary (it may even be necessary). These towels are not only compact and easy to pack, but they also dry in 30 minutes so you can stay on the move feeling so fresh and so clean. Shop it here!

Whether you’re camping for the weekend, trekking across Asia, or just sitting at home, washing your clothes can be a time-consuming nuisance. This portable washing machine is pocket sized for convenience and comes with a flexible washboard—so you can do your laundry whenever and wherever you please! But don’t forget, most Novo Apartments come with laundry on-site or in unit!

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Traveling for business? Keeping your clothes wrinkle-free is hard to do when living out of a suitcase. Fortunately, this handy steamer is one of the smallest around and features three different fabric heating levels, so you can get your clothes nice and crisp at a moment’s notice. Shop it here!