Here at Novo we design spaces to drive connection and promote social interaction. We collaborate


with designers worldwide. This edition of ‘Meet The Designer’ is with Diana Gomes of DGD Interiors. Diana was responsible for designing our lounge space at Novo417 and Novo360!

We got to chat about her design process, check out the finished spaces below and see how she created each space from mood board to completion! 

What was your inspiration for the spaces?

DG: With Novo the inspiration is always surrounded by two things, the love of music and comfortability. Incorporating record players, vinyl, and elements of soft fabrics and textiles creates that feel good vibe. The main goal is to design a communal gathering space where people come together to share their experiences and stories in a space that makes them feel happy.

Can you tell us a little bit about the process

DG: The process is fun. Gathering inspiration from anything and everything in and around my life is part of the creative process that I love. The second most important step is attention to detail and space planning. You have to know your dimensions, what can and cannot fit into a space. It’s my passion and a really awesome job, although there is a lot of not so glamorous behind the scenes work that is involved. Being capable of balancing, coordinating, mixing, matching and designing spaces to achieve a specific goal or esthetic takes time, patience and dedication.

How does the design foster connection?

DG: Design fosters connections just like a connection fosters design. It’s all relevant, one inspires the other equally.

 Learn more about Diana and DGD Interiors here.