In 2010, singer & composer Ravid Kahalani founded the rare combination of top musicians we now call Yemen Blues. From the start, Yemen Blues created an original sound that became a new language in contemporary music. The intense musicians hail from NYC, Uruguay & Tel Aviv. This includes the core members of creation: Rony Iwryn, Itamar Doari & Shanir Blumenkranz. Each member comes from a different background and brings their own sound and arrangements to Ravid’s compositions. The result of this amazing group is a powerful energy that mixes Yemenite, West African & Jazz influences and what Ravid likes to call “New Age Culture Music”.

How did you come to Novo?

I needed an apt in one of my visits in NYC for a Yemen Blues show and some how (I don’t remember) I met a really nice and good vibes guy named Etgar.

How has your Novo experience been?

Perfect. Good people that like to help and support good energy, very nice design, clean.

What is your favorite part about Boutique Living?

Having my quiet and nice space to create and feel focused on my shit in this crazy city #40N4TH

​How many Novo Apartments have you stayed in and which is your favorite and why?​

As just mentioned above 40N 4th cause it has all I need for healthy life right there with me and the area is safe, clean, quiet & close to lower manhattan.

​Favorite instrument to play​

Instrument is drums I guess but I need to practice 😉 I do play some kind of a Gnawa bass called Gimbri.


Favorite place to perform?

Joe’s Pub has been our home for the last few years and it’s been great

Check out a video from one of the Yemen Blue’s events that Novo hosted at Nublu, followed by a jam session in his apartment. 


Learn more about Yemen Blues here.