Actor’s Hour – A Manifesto 

New York City harbours talent in many many shapes and guises. It cultivates, nurtures and feeds the creative and offers the world’s biggest and most varied audiences. 
But the road to your chosen stage or limelight is not easy, and certainly not for the faint of heart. 
Along the way your inner creative soul may be squashed, asphyxiated and damn near almost extinguished – but Actor’s Hour is here to say: NAY, you naysayers! 

To the resounding ‘no’ from a panel of casting agents, that call-back that never arrives, the countless emails that go unanswered, disregarded… ignored – we say, Nay! 

To the headshot they said was ‘too’ this or ‘too’ that, to the script you learnt to perfection that you never had a chance to read, to that flawlessly choreographed number interrupted, cut short…rejected – we say, Nay! You cannot and will not exterminate us! 
For we shall continue to speak and sing with our voices, ukulele’s and horns! We shall dance with our arms and legs splaying till our feet swelter and our toes bleed, and we shall string words together that spin elaborate narratives that move and inspire audiences to tears, laughter and jubilation!

Once a month we shall unite and share our creative impulses, assume fictitious characters and exchange industry hacks and secrets. We shall spill wine, massacre cheese boards and yell profanities into the night if our hearts so desire!
Rejections, imperfections, shortcomings be damned – competition is fierce because of the sheer level of talent that exists in this magical urban landscape of ours. Actor’s Hour invites creatives of all levels to showcase theirs. It is not an affront to the entertainment industry (lets face it, we love you and we are/will be in you). We believe in doing what we love, and doing it often. 

We play the game proudly every day, come see what we do in between.

Yours truly,

Actor’s Hour

NY’s only speakeasy for Actor’s