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Hosted by Thomas Ciccone

Join us on March 27th, for an evening of Wine and Jazz hosted by Yaniv Toledano.

Sound by Qantar

More Details coming soon!

Novo Presents a gallery exhibition by Adi Kraus, M A S K S
Works will be on display from March 17th-22nd, with a public viewing party on March 18th

I was always intrigued by the human body and the way skin, muscles and bones create these amazing continuous curves and shapes.
I have learned that there is a whole world of beauty beyond the cultural and sexual connotations of a naked body. My intention was always to capture that beauty and the way it reflects subtle gestures and emotions.

For 20 years my art pieces were figurative nude. Trying to touch the true nature of that beauty I always started with clay, because of the way wet clay resembles the human skin.

In recent years, social networks changed the way we communicate and  visually present ourselves to others. Our virtual world became a competitive stage where many try to look happier and more glorious than they really are, sharing their life experience through staged filtered images, presenting only visual fake masks of how they want others to see them.

Since 2016 I have been investigating different approaches to the representation of those masks while still using clay as a medium for the base piece, so it all starts with a genuine sculpture.

Novo Presents a gallery exhibition by Jamel Robinson, H O M E.

Works will be on display from March 9th-15th, with a public viewing party on March 14th

March 11th & 12th by appointment from 3-8PM

Transforming my childhood apartment into a live-work studio was one of the bravest acts in my artistic journey because it was the moment when I declared to myself that my existence in the space would primarily be to create.

Since then I’ve had the fortune of transforming private and public spaces in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Copenhagen into my “H O M E” by turning them into home-style showrooms or replicas of my studio and creating site specific works for exhibition.

From March 9th – 15th, I’ll have the pleasure of partnering with NOVO again to transform their new gallery space into my H O M E where I’ll be exhibiting interactive fabric sculpture, canvas sculpture and other select works from Harlem Royalty Studios for the first time.

Viewing will be by appointment only with the exception of a public reception on March 14th from 6-9PM immediately followed by an after party in The Locale.

Instagram: @iamjamelrobinson

This event is a showcase celebrating women in business, travel, art, music, and live performance. Our spaces at 263 Bowery will be graced with some of New York City’s most talented women, starting with a panel discussion about women in business travel and the triumphs and struggles they experience. Following the panel, we will have live performances including ballet, spoken word, live music, and performance art, with art from local female artists displayed and available for purchase throughout the space. We will end the night with a dance party, set in motion by several dj performances by some of NYC’s favorite female talent.

Small Bites generously provided by Lighthouse BK.

Drinks provided by Novo Boutique Living.



Event will start at 5:30 with a panel discussion on Women in Business Travel and their experiences, trials, and advice they have collected during their travels.


Kirsten Magen, Managing Director, Hue & Cry (US) – Kirsten leads the US office of Hue & Cry, a multi-disciplinary design and communications firm, representing the world’s best hospitality brands. Kirsten has worked in the travel industry for more than a decade, working with clients like Black Tomato, Ian Schrager’s EDITION brand, The Ritz-Carlton, Cathay Pacific airlines, Crystal Cruises, DREAM hotels and other independent and branded hotels and resorts, as well as work in real estate, wine and spirits. Kirsten travels constantly for work, balancing life on the road with her role as a wife to husband Yoav, and mother to two toddler girls, Maya, 3, and Ella, 2.



Jane Mulkerrins, Freelance Journalist – regular contributor to The Telegraph, The Guardian, Financial Times, Grazia magazine and others, covering celebrities, current events, film and television and pop culture. She has interviewed individuals such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Matthew McConaughey and others. When she isn’t traveling the world to report on a story, Jane resides in Brooklyn Heights and is working on her first nonfiction book.


Annie Fitzsimmons, Digital Director, Virtuoso, a global network of the world’s best luxury travel advisors. Annie Fitzsimmons is also an editor, writer, consultant and speaker, with deep expertise in the travel industry. Annie serves as an editor-at-large for National Geographic Traveler and is on a first-name basis with the most impressive brand leaders in the global hotel and travel industry. Annie is a dog mom to rescue dog Rocco, and a new mom to 4-month old Sophie. Annie lives in Brooklyn with her husband Alex.


Heather Mikesell, Executive Editor, American Spa magazine. Heather leads the editorial team of American Spa, a magazine focused on the resort and destination spa industry both domestic and international. In her role, she is at the front lines of trends and discoveries in wellness and beauty. She is a passionate traveler, and beyond visiting beautiful spas for work, she has written travel and adventure articles for publications including Elite Traveler, Luxury Travel Advisor, Travel Agent,, and more.




Performances will begin at 6:30 PM 

Live Performances by:

Michelle Uziel

Mari Giorgadze

Connie + Nora Nostrand

More TBA


Artwork by:

Taonga Luma

Bernice Gonzalez Bofill

Ashley Blazer Art


Music by:

Christine Renee (Public Records, The Lot Radio)

Ma Sha (Kindergaten)

KATE (Secret Guest)

Connie (Resolute)


Early bird tickets: 5$  Day of Event: $10. The ticket to the event gets you a raffle ticket for pool passes at the McCarren Pool to raise money for The Joyful Heart Foundation. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased for $5. Any other donations can be given online through our team page.

Join us on Thursday, February 14th for an evening of Jazz, Love and everything in between!

Couples & Singles Welcome! Drink specials + Bottle Service also available.


About the Artist:

Bassist and composer Omer Avital is one of today’s most striking musicians. Praised by critics as, “extraordinary” (New York Times), “roaringly inventive” (JAZZIZ), “a pioneer in combining jazz with myriad world music elements” (LA Times) and, “one of the most exciting musicians to come onto the jazz scene in the last 20 years” (DownBeat), Omer Avital is a visionary composer and virtuoso musician whose genre-defying ensembles are pushing the boundaries of jazz expression, combining music from his cultural background with modern Western jazz, and providing audiences with swing and spiritual sustenance in equal measure. With his extraordinary vision, Avital can rightly be called one of the most unique musicians of his generation.


YAY ! We’re back in the wonderful oasis of The Novo House HEATED and Completely Enclosed Rooftop !!!

Escape the city with us with noise cancellation headphones and land with us to a soundscape of breath and movement! The class will be complemented with deep house and other dance tunes inspired tunes accompanied by clear voice instruction to remove you from your world!

Doors open:

2 pm


2:30 to 3:30 pm

Enjoy some refreshments and hang!

Mats provided, goodie bags and other surprises to be provided!

Novo members are granted first access to exclusive events and locations. Our mission is to solve the loneliness of business travel by bringing global communities together, one curated experience at a time.

We are celebrating the ever-growing Novo community this February in New York City by hosting an intimate dinner at an exclusive new space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A space in transition that is still un-seen by the general public and will be open exclusively to Novo Members for one night only.

Welcome drinks will be served at 7pm, followed by a first-class, Mediterranean four-course menu consisting of family-style sharing plates. The dinner will be accompanied by a selection of wines for you to enjoy throughout the night.

Join us for this special evening of wining and dining with our founders and connect with our continuously expanding Novo family!

Dinner by ChiChiEats

Join us from January 22nd-January 28th for the Gallery Exhibition of Ted Barkhorn!

The Gallery will officially be open to the public on Tuesday, January 22nd at 12PM.

Daily Viewings from 12PM-6PM

Closing Party on Monday, January 28th. RSVP BELOW

About Ted Barkhorn:

The twisted shapes of ancient Redwood roots caught Ted Barkhorn’s eye on a leisurely afternoon hike one day a few years ago, leading him to begin photographing these gnarled and intertwined forms, expressions of the natural world. Barkhorn discovered these giant roots in New Paltz, New York where a millworker had them shipped cross country to create a display, homage to the beauty of these majestic trees brutally harvested from the 1860s until 1930 in Northern California. Each ancient Redwood root has its own meaning to Barkhorn, its own personalized iconography, its own connection to the voices of uplifting writers and spiritually-minded visionaries whose words interpret the images.

Chronicling the forms in his contemporary photography, Barkhorn quotes Thoreau, “It is not what you look at that matters. It is what you see.” He invites viewers to bring their own vision to each image; to see what’s implied not simply what’s immediately visible. Scientifically speaking this phenomenon is known as Pareidolia, envisioning faces or perhaps, animals or other recognizable representations of nature in clouds, trees, or rocks. Though we all experience this intuitively, Barkhorn perceives Pareidolia as an art form with spiritual implications. He has dedicated himself to capturing a magical, mysterious even supernatural perspective on the natural world.

Ted Barkhorn is an acclaimed photographer recognized for his daring work for leading pharmaceutical companies before transitioning into landscaping as a life endeavor. Now combining both passions, Ted brings a tremendous understanding of nature to his work and his art. His true connection to the earth and sky has been fostered over the decades as he has been involved in the world of landscaping design since childhood. A family man now, living in Northern New Jersey, he has returned to his own roots, so to speak, merging his path as an artist with his commitment to nurturing the earth.

Join us to rewatch the legendary ‘I Have A Dream Speech’ on the big screen.

RSVP Required.

More Details Coming Soon.