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A Sensory Exploration | A Night of Art, Music and Visual Performances
Hosted By: Kimberly Mitcham & Ania Dajczer  

Curated night with art, music, and entertainment at the NOVO Cellar in Soho. Invitation Only.

Suggested donation: $30

Proceeds go to Oceanic Global

About Oceanic Global:

Our ocean is both the source and the sustainer of all life on earth. It covers over 70 percent of our planet and produces over 70 percent of its oxygen, accounting for more than every other breath we take. No matter where we’re from or where we live, we are all tied to our ocean. As a species, we are intrinsically oceanic.

Oceanic Global honors humanity’s essential relationship to our ocean. We empower behavior that protects our ocean’s health and, in turn, our own. We raise awareness for the devastating effects of human consumption on our aquatic ecosystems, and work with leading scientists, conservationists, artists, and industry experts to drive positive change.