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Novo Welcomes under its roof the first pop-up speakeasy dedicated to artists. Only writers, directors, actors, musicians, and a few lucky outsiders have the privilege of gaining entry to Actor’s Hour, the only speakeasy in New York exclusively designed for artists to indulge in the joy of performance. 
Cheese and Wine included!
Hosted by Alexandra Laliberte, A Norwegian/American, New York-based actress and performer, the evening will be a chance for actors to improvise selected scripts, monologues and…. other surprises.
***This month’s edition of Actor’s Hour will be held at an exclusive location, announced at RSVP****

After the show, come mingle and have drinks just around the corner.

Grab tickets to the Yemen Blues Show at Brooklyn Bowl here


In 2010, singer & composer Ravid Kahalani founded the rare combination of top musicians we now call Yemen Blues. From the start, Yemen Blues created an original sound that became a new language in contemporary music. The intense musicians hail from NYC, Uruguay & Tel Aviv. This includes the core members of creation: Rony Iwryn, Itamar Doari & Shanir Blumenkranz. Each member comes from a different background and brings their own sound and arrangements to Ravid’s compositions. The result of this amazing group is a powerful energy that mixes Yemenite, West African & Jazz influences and what Ravid likes to call “New Age Culture Music”. The mambo and North African rhythms create a joyful and deep foundation, while the vocals remind the listener of ancient Arabic chants mixed with funk & blues. For their first album, the group collaborated with the well-known maestro Omer Avital who served as a musical director & producer. Since then, Yemen Blues keeps magic alive with a constant stream of new songs and their world-renowned exciting live performances!!

Dubi Lenz, the well-known Israeli journalist, was the first to listen to Yemen Blues’ music. He immediately felt the power of the project while the band was still in its exploration phase. He helped to get Yemen Blues’ first who at the influential festival and expo – Babel Med – in Marseille, France. It was then that something truly incredible happened. The band received a hugely positive respond from people all over the world and the name “Yemen Blues” began to spread like wild fire. The band was hailed as the biggest success story of the festival by the well-known newspaper Liberation. Since then, Yemen Blues has been called “the most exiting and unique live show you can see” by several news outlets including National Geographic, Time Out Chicago, NPR and many more.
We were amazed and thankful when we started to tour and have performed over 150 shows from 2011-13! These performances have taken place all over the world on some of the biggest and well known stages including: Womex World Expo, Roskilde Festival Denmark, New York Central Park’s Summer Stage, Grand Performances Los Angeles, Millennium Park Chicago, Luminato Toronto Canada and many, many more. Top musicians from around the world are taking notice as well including Kronos Quartet, Oxmo Puccino, Matisyahu and more.. Yemen Blues first album was also named The Best “world music” album of 2011 at “Le Devoir” Canada, and the Best album of 2011 by Sweden’s SvD newspaper.

February 2011 marked Yemen Blues’ first tour – and what a blessing it was. The band transitioned into its new role as the hippest thing in “World Music” scene. The newfound success has seen subsequent tours all over the world – most extensively throughout Canada, USA & Europe. In 2012 Yemen Blues continued their touring, beginning the year by headlining NYC’s “GlobalFEST” – an industry expo and festival featuring the planet’s top ‘world music’ acts. The band followed that up with a tour of China including large-scale shows in Shanghai and Beijing. Later that year, Yemen Blues headlined shows including: the big stage at The Lincoln Center Out Doors NYC, Royce Hall UCLA and many many more of the top stages and greatest festivals all around Europe, North America & Asia. Since then YB has performed over of 400 successful live shows.

2015 Yemen Blues recorded their second album INSANIYA (HUMANITY) produced by the legendary producer Bill Laswell.
The visionary collaboration between Laswell and Yemen Blues focusing on hard groove, rich vocals, clarity and heavy sound, featuring one of the greatest voices of the Sahara Mariem Hassan, as well as the Yemenite star Tziyon Golan and One of the greatest rappers in France history Oxmo Puccino.

Yemenite tradition of Muslims, Christians of Jews, with contemporary overlays of rock & roll, jazz & blues.
After touring the world with over of 300 live show at the last 4 years Yemen Blues presents The new show “INSANIYA” (Humanity) based on Laswell’s sound from the upcoming album.
The full live show includes a collaboration with the talented Ori Ben-Shabat from the group of artists “Maria Kong” who created an original video art on 5 screens inspired by the newsound of Yemen Blues.
Yemen Blues is also touring these days with few types of live shows from Intimate closure shows to the full impressive “Insaniya” show.

Ravid Kahalani – Founder / Composer / Writer / Leader & singer.

Ravid has become an important star in the Israeli music scene and an exceptional performer and a breaking through musician in contemporary music around the globe over the past several years. Via a series of detours, Ravid was drawn to music first and foremost through his love for African-American soul and blues, roots music and traditional religious songs. Ravid’s diverse singing talent instilled an enthusiasm for the music of the Sahara and North Africa.
in 2010 Ravid created the music act “Yemen Blues” based on his composition, together with Omer Avital Co- founder and the musical director for Ravid’s compositions, Yemen Blues became an important act around the world and got many great reviews from most important magazine’s as well as an out standing performer.
After over of 500 shows since with Yemen Blues Ravid is now working on his solo project and continuing performing and creating more music with Yemen Blues.

Itamar Doari – Percussionist /Arranger / producer.

Itamar Doari is a percussionist specializing in traditional Middle Eastern percussion such as frame drums & dahol / Tabla and many other instruments. Doari started to play at the age of 6 and by the age of 15 he was already performing in large-scale productions all over the world. Doari is also known as having one of the best and most unique percussion set-ups in the world today! He has performed and recorded with top musicians such as Idan Raichel, Avishai Cohen, Bery Saharof and many more…

Rony Iwryn – Percussionist /Arranger / Producer.

Latin Percussion Artist, born in Uruguay. Iwryn music source comes from his roots and that is why Iwryn connection to “World Music” is so strong, Iwryn was playing and recording with many known artists around the world such as Ofra Haza, Idan Raichel, David Broza, Gidi Gov, Yoni Rechter, Lara Fabian, Shir’el just to name a few.

Shanir Blumenkranz – Bass & Oud /Arranger / Producer.

Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz — Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Oud, Gimbri — Was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1975 to Egyptian and Polish parents. He was given his first instruments, the pots and pans from the kitchen and a three-string guitar at the age of two. Shanir is featured on over 30 releases on John Zorn’s Tzadik record label since 1999 – producing and arranging many of the bands he works with, including Rashanim “The Gathering”, Edom “Hope And Destruction”, and Pitom “Blasphemy And Other Serious Crimes”. Shanir has performed in concert halls and festival stages all over the world, recently joining Yo-Yo Ma for a US tour playing oud and bass with the Silk Road Project. Other activities include performances with Marty Ehrlich (Israel), Miho Hatori (Brazil, USA), Bill Frisell (USA), Cyro Baptista’s Banquet Of The Spirits (Japan, USA, Mexico, EU), Uri Caine (USA), Eric Friedlander (USA), Charles Gayle (USA), Kasu Uchihashi (Japan), Michiyo Yagi (Japan), Makigami Koichi, (Japan, USA), Yoshida Tatsuya’s Ruins (USA), Trey Spruance (EU), Dave Douglas (USA), Steve Coleman (USA), Sylvie Courvoisier (USA), Joey Baron (USA), Mark Feldman (USA), John Zorn’s Masada, Masada Sextet, Electric Masada, Cobra, Masada String Trio (USA, EU), and a special concert with John Zorn for BBC radio (UK).

A Sensory Exploration | A Night of Art, Music and Visual Performances
Hosted By: Kimberly Mitcham & Ania Dajczer  

Curated night with art, music, and entertainment at the NOVO Cellar in Soho. Invitation Only.

Suggested donation: $30

Proceeds go to Oceanic Global

About Oceanic Global:

Our ocean is both the source and the sustainer of all life on earth. It covers over 70 percent of our planet and produces over 70 percent of its oxygen, accounting for more than every other breath we take. No matter where we’re from or where we live, we are all tied to our ocean. As a species, we are intrinsically oceanic.

Oceanic Global honors humanity’s essential relationship to our ocean. We empower behavior that protects our ocean’s health and, in turn, our own. We raise awareness for the devastating effects of human consumption on our aquatic ecosystems, and work with leading scientists, conservationists, artists, and industry experts to drive positive change.

Join us on Thursday, February 14th for an evening of Jazz, Love and everything in between!

Couples & Singles Welcome! Drink specials + Bottle Service also available.


About the Artist:

Bassist and composer Omer Avital is one of today’s most striking musicians. Praised by critics as, “extraordinary” (New York Times), “roaringly inventive” (JAZZIZ), “a pioneer in combining jazz with myriad world music elements” (LA Times) and, “one of the most exciting musicians to come onto the jazz scene in the last 20 years” (DownBeat), Omer Avital is a visionary composer and virtuoso musician whose genre-defying ensembles are pushing the boundaries of jazz expression, combining music from his cultural background with modern Western jazz, and providing audiences with swing and spiritual sustenance in equal measure. With his extraordinary vision, Avital can rightly be called one of the most unique musicians of his generation.


YAY ! We’re back in the wonderful oasis of The Novo House HEATED and Completely Enclosed Rooftop !!!

Escape the city with us with noise cancellation headphones and land with us to a soundscape of breath and movement! The class will be complemented with deep house and other dance tunes inspired tunes accompanied by clear voice instruction to remove you from your world!

Doors open:

2 pm


2:30 to 3:30 pm

Enjoy some refreshments and hang!

Mats provided, goodie bags and other surprises to be provided!

Novo members are granted first access to exclusive events and locations. Our mission is to solve the loneliness of business travel by bringing global communities together, one curated experience at a time.

We are celebrating the ever-growing Novo community this February in New York City by hosting an intimate dinner at an exclusive new space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A space in transition that is still un-seen by the general public and will be open exclusively to Novo Members for one night only.

Welcome drinks will be served at 7pm, followed by a first-class, Mediterranean four-course menu consisting of family-style sharing plates. The dinner will be accompanied by a selection of wines for you to enjoy throughout the night.

Join us for this special evening of wining and dining with our founders and connect with our continuously expanding Novo family!

Dinner by ChiChiEats

Join us from January 22nd-January 28th for the Gallery Exhibition of Ted Barkhorn!

The Gallery will officially be open to the public on Tuesday, January 22nd at 12PM.

Daily Viewings from 12PM-6PM

Closing Party on Monday, January 28th. RSVP BELOW

About Ted Barkhorn:

The twisted shapes of ancient Redwood roots caught Ted Barkhorn’s eye on a leisurely afternoon hike one day a few years ago, leading him to begin photographing these gnarled and intertwined forms, expressions of the natural world. Barkhorn discovered these giant roots in New Paltz, New York where a millworker had them shipped cross country to create a display, homage to the beauty of these majestic trees brutally harvested from the 1860s until 1930 in Northern California. Each ancient Redwood root has its own meaning to Barkhorn, its own personalized iconography, its own connection to the voices of uplifting writers and spiritually-minded visionaries whose words interpret the images.

Chronicling the forms in his contemporary photography, Barkhorn quotes Thoreau, “It is not what you look at that matters. It is what you see.” He invites viewers to bring their own vision to each image; to see what’s implied not simply what’s immediately visible. Scientifically speaking this phenomenon is known as Pareidolia, envisioning faces or perhaps, animals or other recognizable representations of nature in clouds, trees, or rocks. Though we all experience this intuitively, Barkhorn perceives Pareidolia as an art form with spiritual implications. He has dedicated himself to capturing a magical, mysterious even supernatural perspective on the natural world.

Ted Barkhorn is an acclaimed photographer recognized for his daring work for leading pharmaceutical companies before transitioning into landscaping as a life endeavor. Now combining both passions, Ted brings a tremendous understanding of nature to his work and his art. His true connection to the earth and sky has been fostered over the decades as he has been involved in the world of landscaping design since childhood. A family man now, living in Northern New Jersey, he has returned to his own roots, so to speak, merging his path as an artist with his commitment to nurturing the earth.

Join us to rewatch the legendary ‘I Have A Dream Speech’ on the big screen.

RSVP Required.

More Details Coming Soon.

Lori Ann & Luna Maye return to host a unique Yoga & Soundbath on December 10th.

Held at Novo Locale, 263 Bowery, the 90-min guided session will take place in candle-light and in the presence of Luciano Garbati’s ‘Medusa Holding the Head of Perseus’.

Standing at over 7 feet tall, the Garbati Medusa went viral across social media this year, transforming into the perfect avatar for a moment of female rage. The sculpture forms part of a group exhibition titled ‘MWTH’, initiated and curated by artist, Bek Andersen that showcases the work of 10 female artists at Novo Locale through December 20th.

The class will be lead by Lori Ann Ferreri, a certified Yoga teacher with Modo Yoga West Village/Williamsburg and multi-disciplinary artist/actress and dancer. The guided 60-minute yoga class will incorporate an invigorating and accessible vinyasa flow sequence. Focusing on your individual level of practice, Lori Ann’s teaching integrates breath, movement, flexibility and balance.

Luna Maye has introduced a new dimension of sound meditation to the community. Her vocal-immersion sound meditation practice helps new and seasoned peace-seekers release tension, embrace mindfulness and increase creativity and connection to themselves and the world around them.

Her offering is a cellular massage of sound that is an accessible form of meditation for all beings, of all ages. Relax into the practice and allow the sound vibrations to support your experience from the inside out.

Dec 10th / 7PM / Novo Locale 263 Bowery

Space Limited: RSVP Mandatory

Tickets $15

Yoga Mats will be provided!

This six-part series of conversations with renowned scholar Joseph Campbell explored the enduring, universal themes expressed in mankind’s oldest stories and examined their relevance for the modern world. Far from being lifeless, timeworn tales, Campbell told viewers, the ancient myths remain “clues to the spiritual potentialities of human life.”

The Power of Myth launched an extraordinary resurgence of interest in Joseph Campbell and his work. A preeminent scholar, writer, and teacher, he has had a profound influence on millions of people–including Star Wars creator George Lucas. To Campbell, mythology was the “song of the universe, the music of the spheres.” With Bill Moyers, one of America’s most prominent journalists, as his thoughtful and engaging interviewer, The Power of Myth touches on subjects from modern marriage to virgin births, from Jesus to John Lennon, offering a brilliant combination of intelligence and wit.