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Lena Viddo is a multi-media artist of Swedish-Colombian descent. She is classically trained and studied painting in Florence, Italy at the Accademia Di Belle Arti and design at the Polimoda. She received her BA from F.I.T. in NYC. Viddo’s work has been exhibited worldwide in galleries, museums and art fairs. Viddo currently lives with her family and works between two studios; Bushwick, Brooklyn and rural Vermont.

Her painting, which can be described as focused reality not tethered to traditional realism, is informed by the natural world and draws from a range of cultural sources including literature, history, fashion magazines, news headlines, and advertising campaigns. She also takes inspiration from her studies of Taoism, Jungian psychology, philosophy and her work with plant medicine, psychedelics and the Sufi Ennegram system. Her newest body of work looks at the artist as shaman and mystic as a counterweight to a society where the idolatry of money and materialism prevail alongside a growing yearning for spiritualism and deeper meaning.